Dar es Salaam City Tour

Dar es Salaam City Tour – Half Day

Trip Highlights

This city tour includes visits to the very colorful Kariakoo Market and clock tower, the Fish Market along the Indian Ocean, University Hills, the Carvings and Handicrafts Market, the National Museum, the Village (open-air) Museum and the Harbors.

The Kariakoo Market has an interesting local colour and a diversity of peoples as well as exotic fruits, fresh fish, food products, handicrafts, local textile material and many other locally made products. The University is superbly laid out amidst lawns and gardens on the Ubungo Observation Hill, and offers magnificent open views of Dar es Salaam city.

The main campus area is built on three low hills, well wooded with cashew trees. Near the heart of Dar es Salaam the Carvings and Handicrafts Market is a unique center for creating and selling Tanzanian arts and crafts.

Many of the artists working here have developed their talents through training which enables them to transform traditional materials, designs and motifs into contemporary forms. At 'Nyumba ya Sanaa', one finds many exciting creative activities to become absorbed in like painting, drawing, figurative wax batik and etching. Carvings of ebony are made as well as jewellery, ceramics and 'tie-and-dye' dresses for men, women and children.

In the National Museum is the Hall of Man where Dr. Leakey's finds from Olduvai Gorge including the skull of Nutcracker man (Zinjanthropus bosei) and other human fossils are displayed. The Museum offers an outstanding ethnographic collection of tribal ornaments, head-dresses, witch-craft paraphernalia and traditional musical instruments collected from various regions in Tanzania. Also, the history of the East African Coast is well portrayed with Chinese porcelain glazed pottery, trade wide beads from India and a series of copper coins from the Sultan of Kilwa. The Village (open-air) Museum is along Bagamoyo Road and has a collection of authentically constructed traditional houses of various Tanzanian tribes. It displays several distinct architectural styles with building materials ranging from sand, grass and poles to mud and rock. Villagers demonstrate their ancient skills of carving and weaving and offer their products for sale.


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