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  • 3 Days-2 Nights-Lamu Island Beach Holidays

3 Days 2 Nights - Lamu Beach Holidays

Highlights: Lamu a fantastic place wrapped in medieval romance, Remote and self contained, it is a place, which offers an unmatched cultural feast and a traditional architectural style. It has successfully retained its traditions and heritage over the centuries. Once a thriving port town, today Lamu is reputed among the tourists as a relaxed destination with a glorious past. While exploring its markets and colorful lanes using a donkey, a taxi or just walking get a glimpse of the Swahili's culture. The relaxed lifestyle of the people and their willingness to help in every possible way added to your visit. Have a wonderful time in Lamu and for in love with it for a day.


Day 1: Arrival -Nairobi-Lamu

On arrival the day before or in the early morning at Jomo Kenyatta airport you will be transferred to the domestic flight wing in the same airport and fly to fly to Manda Island and on arrival you will be transferred to the island by ferry and then taken for breakfast on one of the restaurants on the island. (We assume that you arrive at Nairobi Airport. Please, indicate your entry point into Kenya)

Lunch, Dinner and overnight stay at Peponi Hotel.

Day 2: Lamu

After breakfast you will start off your Full day exploring and shopping with by starting off at Donkey Sanctuary and if you want you may get to enjoy a donkey ride along the streets of Lamu. Later visit the Lamu museum and the Swahili museum house.

Donkey Sanctuary: Located on the northern part of Lamu, close to waterfront,
it is a place where sick donkeys are given good care and treatment. After the treatment, they are set free to enjoy their natural habitat

Lamu Museum: Built in 1891, the Lamu Museum was the former residence of the
British Governors during the colonial era. Here, you will experience and learn about the rich Swahili culture that is ever so evident in Lamu Town. On the entrance of the museum, there are some photographs of Lamu taken by French Photographer, Guillain. In the lobby to the right is a Swahili kitchen with pestles and mortars and vermicelli presses. The ground floor had a breathtaking collection of 18th century Kidaka plasterwork, carved Lamu throne chairs with wicker seats, and elaborately carved Lamu headboards.

Upstairs there is an amazing collection of weapons and costumes dating back
to 18th century.

Swahili House Museum: It was a traditional Swahili House restored with all the traditional Swahili furniture. Visit the various sections of the museum and view the various colors of Swahili culture

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and overnight stay at Peponi Hotel.

Day 3: Lamu-Departure

After breakfast visit the Lamu fort and later if time allows take a dip in the shelly beachon the North end of the Lamu Island is the beautiful stretch of white sand and tiny broken sea shells. The walk from main Lamu town is only about a mile and a half and well worth it due to the locals you meet on the way. Take a sip of the Swahili tea and snacks before being transferred to the airport by first taking the ferry to Manda Island and then driving a short
distance to the airport for your departure.

As you head towards Lamu Fort, while passing through the colorful streets of Lamu,watch the peopleengaged in daily activities.In the past ithas served as both a fort and prison. There was an exhibition on theenvironment, a shop and a library, plus a café overlooking the busy squareat the entrance. The tile awning over the verandah at the front wasoriginally of makuti thatch. Inside internal walkways and awnings surrounded a central courtyard.

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