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Development Tourism in Africa

Africa being a third world continent has a long way to go in order to reach the levels of the western continents. In view of this Niche Africa Holidays has come up with a development tourism package which basically is a tourism package that bring tourists from all sectors who are willing to develop the African continent to be a step ahead from being a third world. This can be done by building the infrastructure for the community based organizations, teaching in various schools and colleges, volunteer working in Africa who would want to create a difference in the both rural and urban centers, missionaries who would want to involve in community based development which include among others the building of infrastructure in the rural centers such as schools, churches, colleges and other sanitary and water projects. The best example being; The Non Governmental Organizations.

Niche Africa holidays prepares the way through for tourists who are willing to improve and enhance the livelihood of African communities.

Development Tourism in East Africa
East Africa is a part of the African continent which requires upgrading. East Africa comprises the five countries which include: - Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania which incorporates Pemba and Zanzibar islands. In this part of the continent development tourism is quiet needed among the unprivileged communities or disadvantaged.

Poverty in Africa
Since the natural resources in Africa as a whole are dwindling due to human activities, East Africa lacks its original natural resources which included forests which used to create a lot of rain in the African continent, the unpolluted rivers and lakes, and the abundant minerals. In view of this poverty is cropping in due to urbanization and global warming which is affecting the whole world. The five East African countries require those individuals through development tourism who would like to make a difference within the community infrastructure while at the same time have their leisure in tourism.

East Africa Slum Upgrading
East Africa community has slums where poverty is flourishing with family households earning less than a dollar a day; the same applies to some rural and urban centers despite the magnificent tourism attractions which are present in the East African part of Africa continent.

Lake Victoria Development Tourism
Lake Victoria, being the second largest fresh water lake in the world is shared by the major East African countries ie. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Despite the fact that Lake Victoria has fresh waters and the River Nile starts from this lake, the surrounding communities living along the Lake Victoria beaches are suffering due to poverty since the diminishing of various fish species and over fishing in the Lake Victoria. Diseases such as HIV and Aids also contribute a lot to poverty along the Lake Victoria beaches. Niche Africa holidays, being a tour operator based in East Africa – Kenya encourages development tourists to venture into the East African community development programs and at the same time enjoying the luxuries in the lodges and camps, within the East African borders. The most preferred tourists who can help in the development tourism are those who would come to East Africa and change the community livelihood by building infrastructures.

Voluntourism in East Africa
The past development tourists who have participated in the development of the East Africa include the volunteers from VSO (voluntary services overseas) and the American Peace Corps not to mention the NGO world and individual tourists efforts. The church communities which includes the Christian churches from the west, the medical practitioners which include the doctors and nurses who perform free medical Camps facilities in the rural and slum areas in East Africa, the Agricultural scientists who have donated their expertise in creating a difference in East Africa, the industrialists who have come to East Africa to create factories which create jobs for the local communities, the hoteliers who have developed Eco- lodges and Eco-camps within the National parks of East Africa and lastly, the Conservationists who have donated their lifetime conserving the wildlife and Nature within East Africa.

Kenya Development Tourism
Kenya, among the East African countries is the most visited country by tourists due to its peaceful political atmosphere since independence, its friendly populace, beautiful beaches and wildlife lodges within its National Parks. Its sunshine, and its few infrastructures which encourages tourisms, security, and its Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as a hub for all airlines into East Africa. Despite all those mentioned above, Kenya still lacks a lot of development initiative, part of which can be gained from tourism industry.

Niche Africa Holidays is the first among many tour operators which has developed Development Tourism package with an expectation of enhancing development agenda among the Kenyan communities through tourism.

Western Kenya Development Tourism
Efforts are being made for Development Tourism Package in the western part of Kenya which includes:- The Luo Nyanza, Luhya and the Kisii communities not to mention the Teso, Kuria and the Kalenjin communities who occupy the Western Kenya Tourism Circuit - The Virgin tourism treasure, untapped and unknown to the whole world despite its magnificent tourism attraction sites.

The Maasai Land Development Tourism Package
The other part where Niche Africa Holidays encourages development tourism is the Maasai land which covers the Maasai Mara and its surrounding; mostly the Mara west where you will find a couple from America who has developed a community based infrastructure among the Masai people for the last 15 years. This has led to the creation of the Mara West Camp which is owned and run by Mr. Andrew and Deborah Aho who have since contributed their energy and time in improving the livelihood of the Masai people and has created a difference.

Kenya Slums Development Tourism
Development Tourism is encouraged also in the Kenyan slums; the likes of the Kibera slums in Nairobi, Obunga slums and Nyalenda in Kisumu where medial camps are being programmed for by medical tourists every other year and other practitioners.
Niche Africa Holidays, is a tour operator willing to enhance the Kenyan communities livelihood through tourism, thus the creation of Slum Tourism Package in Kenya by one of its Tour Consultants; Mr. James Asudi, the founder of slum tourism in Kenya.

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