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Wedding and Honeymoon Holidays in Africa

African Wedding and Honeymoon adventure is a new concept in tourism industry which is emerging among the younger generation coming from the west. The natural resources which Africa has are conducive to wedding and honeymooning adventures.

It is in Africa where the cost of wedding is 10% of the total cost of wedding in the west. Niche Africa holidays, being a tour operator, plans and administers wedding ceremonies and honeymoon adventures in the African wilderness, along the coastal beaches, and inside Lake Victoria among other places.

For those who prefer wedding and honeymooning in South Africa and Egypt, Niche Africa Holidays have made contractual arrangements with its sister companies in theses places to act on its behalf.

Wedding in Africa

Wedding in Africa is quiet adventurous, most couples from the west do come to Africa for wedding ceremonies and honey moon adventures. It doesn’t matter where your wedding is done in this world, what matters is the legality of your wedding certificate and leisure which goes together with it.

Africa has romantic and out of the ordinary wedding ceremonies at sceneries which can be conducted in the wild, i.e. among the wildlife in the national reserves and game parks, along the coastal beaches of Africa, i.e. having a wedding ceremony at the beaches and in Dhows and Cruise ships in the oceans which surround Africa, in the cities of Africa where the bride and groom are received in a accustomed religious English wedding ceremony.

Honeymoon Holidays in Africa

Honeymooning in Africa is quite adventurous and unforgettable, the bride and the groom are treated in style with special attention while on honeymoon holidays, from the reception of a Honeymooning couple at the airport, to the hotels is made as if it were done in the west. The extended limousines are provided for wedding and honeymoon holidays, the hotel rooms for honeymooners have special honeymoon beds and are decorated for honeymooners’ holiday vacation.

It is in Africa where you can have exclusive honeymooning vacation in the remotest parts of Africa where you will be given attention more than in your own country at a lesser cost.

Wedding Holidays in East Africa

East Africa is a multi racial and religious part of the African continent, it is in East Africa where all the religions in the world are represented and are living in harmony with one another. All religions of the world are represented and can hold wedding ceremonies in East Africa. From the Baha’i religion which has it’s temple in Kampala city of Uganda, to the Muslim community and the Christians which criss - cross the East Africa countries regard the African continent with high esteem. Many from the west prefer East Africa as a wedding destination from the other parts of Africa due to the security and peace that prevails in East Africa countries. Apart from the cost of wedding which is 10% of what it Costs in the west, East Africa offers fantastic and romantic destinations for wedding ceremonies which can be cultural, religious and community based. It doesn’t matter where you hold a wedding so long as the wedding ceremony is performed and the certificate of the same is obtained and recognized world over. Niche Africa holidays is one of the tour operators in East Africa which has organized weddings in East Africa in the Churches, Mosques and Cultural African Wilderness.

Honeymooning Vacation in East Africa

East Africa comprises of the five states namely: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania which includes Pemba and Zanzibar. Honeymooning in East Africa is most preferred since it is in East Africa where there is abundant sunshine and wildlife, abundant luxurious lodges spread among the five states and lastly the islands in Lake Victoria, the likes of Sesse, Mfangano and Rusinga islands. In addition to these, Zanzibar is the major honeymoon sport for honeymooners coming to East Africa.

Every hotel in East Africa, be it at the Coast of East Africa or in the Cities have a honeymooner’s room which is equipped with all the facilities which goes with honeymooning holidays. It is in East Africa where you will find honeymooners flocking in the wildlife sanctuaries for exclusive honeymoon vacations.

The weather is quiet conducive in East Africa for honeymooning holidays, since you will have sunshine 12 hours a day, nights are equally warm. Entertainment in various hotels and lodges compliment the honeymoon adventures favorably.

Wedding and Honeymooning in Kenya

Kenya, among the East Africa countries is quite pivotal in wedding and honeymooning holidays due to its location and being a herb for all international airlines coming into Africa. It is cheap to fly into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport than fly into any other African country. In Kenya, a couple can have a cultural wedding among the Maasai tribesmen which is currently most preferred by the western couples in an exclusive lodge in the wilderness. Alternatively, a couple can have its wedding inside Lake Victoria in a luxurious boat and on the islands luxurious lodges within Lake Victoria. Kenya commands the longest coastal line in East Africa. The beach hotels located along the Kenyan coast, all of which are preferred as honeymoon destinations have all it takes for a beach wedding and honeymooning adventures. The weddings at the beaches can also be cultural if the couple wishes since there is the Muslim community and the Mijikenda tribes which can perform their cultural weddings to willing couples.

Lastly the normal English wedding can be performed in Kenya, since Kenya is a multi religious country. The cost of the wedding in Kenya is quiet cheaper than any other part in Africa since the facilities are readily available, from the extended wedding limousine, wedding gowns, churches, and the mosques. Honeymooning lodges in Kenya are most preferred because couples can access them by chartered flights for an exclusive wedding and honeymooning vacations in the wilderness. Couples can also charter Helicopters for exclusive wedding ceremony and consequently fly into the lodges in the national parks and reserves for honeymooning adventures. The chopper wedding safaris can be readily obtained from Wilson Airport, Moi international airport in Mombasa and Nanyuki air strip.

Niche African holidays is a tour operator which is a planner of wedding ceremonies and honeymoon vacations within Kenya and East Africa as a whole.

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